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Terri Krohn headshot, owner of Terri Krohn Consulting LLCTerri brings over 30 years of business and marketing experience to her consulting practice. She has worked for billion dollar corporations and small businesses. She co-founded a retail services startup company with ten service locations. Having been both an employee and an employer, she understands the business challenges companies face, particularly in challenging times.

Whether it is developing a strategic business plan or delving into the development of cohesive and consistent customer communications, Terri loves the challenge of helping her clients improve their business and marketing performance through the development of clear and effective strategies and plans. Using creative problem-solving skills, along with strong planning and organizational skills, Terri can help you pin-point your greatest opportunities for strategic business success thus improving your sales efforts and bottom line.


Terri Krohn is a seasoned marketing professional specializing in strategic business planning and marketing management.  She has assisted non-profits, healthcare companies, insurance firms and technology companies in developing strategic plans.  Terri is a Paterson Certified Strategic Planning Faciitator as well as a Certified Provider of QuadRed Organizational Assessments.  She helps her clients by actively listening, assessing the current situation, asking tough questions, and developing an accountability system.  

Before entering the world of consulting Terri held the position of Senior Vice President and Marketing Director for Sterling Savings Bank, a $13 billion dollar regional community bank based in Spokane, Washington.  As the Senior Vice President and Marketing Director, Terri strengthened her management and marketing skills through active strategic market planning, budgeting, and plan implementation.  This experience taught her the value of consistent strategic planning throughout the organization and the results it can bring when everyone in the organization understands the direction the company is moving.  As a result, she understands the beneftis a business of any size can reap when they develop a clear vision and a sound plan for achieving that vision.

Prior to joining Sterling in 2000, she was President and Co-Founder of East Grove Management Company, a holding company with ten retail franchise service locations in Idaho.  This position helped Terri focus on what it takes to build a business from the ground-up.  As a result of wearing many hats, she understands the demands facing small businesses.  Many times a business is so busy taking care of its cients that the health of the business is put on autopilot.  Terri "gets" this and can use her expertise to help businesses take a step back and plan for the future.

Ms. Krohn began her marketing career with Norwest Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota and during her 13-year tenure held positions of Senior Product Manager/Private Banking, Advertising Director and Affiliate Marketing Manager.  At Norwest Corporation, Terri focused on marketing management in the areas of retail advertising, retail product management and direct mail marketing, which helped her gain a solid understanding of marketing fundamentals and how to devisemarketing sales and strategies that get results.. In addition, she has worked as a marketing consultant for community banks.

An honor graduate of Montana State University, with a B.S. degree in Business, Ms. Krohn has served on the university's College of Business National Board of Advisors for two terms.  Prior to developing a consulting relationship with Spokane Housing Ventures, she served on their Board of Directors and chaired the Audit Committee. Ms. Krohn is a member of the Consulting Professionals Network and Spokane Rotary 21.

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