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accountability partnering: A plan is only as good as its execution

Accountability Partnering graphicYou've got the strategic plan. You spent valuable time and money developing it. Now, how can you ensure that the daily activities of your business won’t get in the way of executing what you worked so hard to develop? Let's face it, a plan is only as good as its execution.

Plans fail for a variety of reasons

Having a plan simply for plans sake. Strategic plans are developed because common sense says that is expected of any business worth its salt. With this attitude your execution will be lackluster.

There's only a partial commitment. When business owners and CEOs are not fully committed nor understand how their strategic plan can improve results, it’s tough to stay committed after plan development.

The plan gets written, but not executed. This is a bad as not writing a plan at all. If a plan is to be an effective management tool, it must be used and reviewed continually.

No accountability or follow through within the plan.  No one is in charge of actively managing the plan. Therefore, consequences for not delivering on the strategy are absent. The plan sadly manages itself into obscurity.

Don’t fall prey to any of these reasons for plan failure.

As your accountability partner, I will:

  • Keep your business focused on implementing the plan and achieving the vision.
  • Help your business manage the overall implementation of the plan.
  • Create measurement systems to track your success.


Contact me to learn more about how I can keep your plan moving forward, gaining momentum so that your business can achieve its vision.


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