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focus groups are an invaluable listening post

Customer Focus Groups graphicIt feels good when someone asks to hear your opinion on a subject that’s important to you.  Your customers are no different.  When they feel good, they support you.

Yet, many companies are doing a poor job of having conversations with their customers. A simple but effective way to help remedy this is to run regular customer focus groups.

Focus groups can help your business:

  • create realistic, customer-centered plans and strategies
  • build stronger, more profitable relationships with your best customers
  • create evangelists and fans who carry your message forward
  • help you develop new products and solutions while improving existing products.

A well-run focus group can engage and enfranchise your customers in the on-going success of your business. They enable rich dialogue on critical subjects with people who most often have the best information.  And they send a strong signal to your customers that you are interested in their success as well as your own.

What you can expect from me

I can help your business develop and conduct successful focus group outcomes by:

  • Integrating focus group development into your overall customer care strategy
  • Establishing clear objectives and well-defined outcomes
  • Creating a win/win for both you and your customers
  • Selecting participants carefully
  • Developing a dynamic meeting format
  • Executing the details with precision
  • Compiling results in a clear and insightful manner

Contact me to begin a listening process with your customers that will reward you with critical information that in turn creates successful outcomes for your business.

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