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QuadStrat is a MRI of an organization.  This organizational assessment quickly and conveniently evaluates 35 best practice business disciplines in the categories of Strategy, Design (infrastructure) and Culture. 

The QuadStrat assessment provides vital information in the QuadStrat logofollowing areas:

  • Best Opportunities - Rapidly pin points your company’s best opportunities for strategic business improvement.

  • Company Alignment- Answers the question, Is everyone on the same page? The  QuadStrat assessment shows company alignment or misalignment between executive management, mid-management and employees.

  • Best Practice Comparisons - Shows how your company’s results compare to thousands of organizations in the QuadRed global best practice database.

Discover the potential of QuadStrat with a complimentary run-through, followed by a complimentary one-hour consultation. contact me today to begin.


QuadLead is a unique 360 assessment that clearly evaluates a leader's Quadlead logoskills in two key areas: 

  • Leadership Competence

  • Leadership Character.

Twelve essential leadership disciplines are evaluated and ranked by each respondent group (Self, Boss, Peer and Direct Reports).  This is an excellent leadership assessment at a market leading price.


QuadBoard is a Board of Directors’ assessment that quickly evaluates Quadboard logothe overall effectiveness of a Board of Directors from two perspectives:

  1. Their ability to work together, and

  2. The degree to which they are in compliance with governance best practices and important regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.  

This assessment is appropriate for public, private, and non-profit organizations.


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