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Know where you stand, where you’re headed, and how to get there.

  • Maybe your organization has lost its focus.
  • Maybe your team doesn’t feel aligned around a single vision.
  • Or, maybe with all of the change and opportunity in the marketplace, you’re wondering how to maximize potential.

 The Paterson StratOp Process™ 

For over 40 years, the Paterson StratOp process ™ has helped start-ups and billion-dollar organizations grow sales and profits.  This unique planning system has 

  • decades of proven case studies,   
  • gathers and extracts the best thinking from you and your leadership team, 
  • and produces a Plan-On-A-Page and Action Playbook that your team owns, installs, and manages.


Download Plan-On-A-Page sample (PDF) 


By utilizing this approach, you and your leadership team will be in a better position to make sense of today’s realities, focus on your future vision, and design and install a plan to get you there.  

As a Paterson Certified Strategic Operating Plan Facilitator, I can guide your team through a discovery process that will 

  • Give your team perspective on all of the strategic, financial and operational parts of your business.
  • Help your team understand where the organization stands.
  • Clarify where your organization should go.
  • Give you and your team a customized plan on how to get there.

During this process, I will use 25 customized tools, to guide you and your team through the 6 phases of the StratOp process.

1 Perspective, 2 Planning, 3 Action, 4 Structure, 5 Management, 6 Renewal

6 phases of the StratOp process

When all is said and done, you and your team will have perspective across the whole of your organization and marketplace, and find breakthroughs in unexpected places.

Why the StratOp Process is different from other planning tools.

  • Utilizes a Wholistic Approach to planning
  • Addresses the Strategic, Operational, and Financial aspects of your business
  • Believes it is the Enterprise that Succeeds or Fails
  • Recognizes work by its Own Logic
  • Controls Performance Drivers towards Breakthrough
  • Identifies Enterprise W.I.N.’s (What’s Important Now)
  • Adapts with change

Above all, StratOp is more than a process, it’s a Management System. Once installed the process becomes the planning and management system through which vital business functions stay seamlessly aligned, unified, focused, accountable, innovative, productive and competitive.

Is it time to take your business to the next level?  

Contact me to learn more about how the Paterson StratOp Process can help your business develop an actionable strategic operating plan that moves your business forward.

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