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Jump start your strategic planning process with a strategic focus facilitator

Strategic Focus Facilitator graphicA facilitated strategic planning process is the most effective way to design a strong, sustainable future for your business.  Strategic discussions without proper facilitation get bogged down in operational details as opposed to staying focused on the big picture.  Out-of-the-box thinking just doesn't happen, and time devoted to the planning process doesn't produce actionable items.

I can help you move from "business-as-usual" thinking to creatively developing plans that match your company’s future vision. I will guide you in successfully developing and implementing strategies for growth by:

  • Designing meetings that respect busy schedules
  • Moving the process forward with well-planned agendas
  • Tapping the group’s collective wisdom
  • Keeping the group focused
  • Encouraging full participation
  • Promoting mutual understanding
  • Addressing tough questions with purpose and camaraderie
  • Assisting in the creation of sound, intelligent, sustainable solutions and plans


Why outside strategic facilitation is critical

A facilitator can make or break the success of the strategic process. While an outside facilitator cannot guarantee the success of a plan, s/he is in a unique position to objectively guide the planning process so that the full creative potential of the team will be realized.

Strategic planning discussions can be difficult due to a number of factors:

  • Personal values
  • Deeply held beliefs about the organization and direction it is going
  • Different perspectives on the marketplace
  • Conflicting goals
  • Complexities among people who have been working together for some time
  • Already established behavior patterns
  • Knowledge about how the firm has done business in the past

For these reasons, an outside facilitator keeps strategic discussions from being derailed. Without an outside facilitator’s guidance and expertise the full potential of the planning process most likely will not be realized. An outside facilitator can look at the organization, the leadership team, and the planning process objectively and guide discussions for a productive outcome. As a result, participants leave with a stronger feeling of cohesiveness, accomplishment and excitement about their role in plan execution.

Bring me in as your outside strategic focus facilitator and see the difference it makes. Contact me now and let's discuss how my facilitation services can help you move your company forward.

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