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strategic marketing on call helps businesses grow

Graph showing growth from 2005 to 2015Sound marketing strategies that are well executed are important to any business that wants to succeed.  

Establishing strategic marketing direction for your company and implementing that direction consistently will produce improved sales results, greater synergy of effort and more productive use of dollars spent.  Unfortunately, the very expertise you need to set clear direction may seem outside your reach for a variety of reasons.  

If you need seasoned marketing expertise and can answer yes to any of the following statements, it’s time to give me a call.

  • Lack of marketing experience on staff
  • Don’t need a marketing professional 360 days a year
  • Can’t afford a full time marketing position
  • Have specialized short term marketing needs

With strategic marketing on call, I can provide your business with marketing expertise that won’t add to staff, weigh you down, or cost you benefits.

Here is a sampling of the types of marketing services I can provide for your company.  

  • Assess current marketing efforts and budgets to determine ROI
  • Establish marketing direction/vision by collaboration with senior management
  • Identify key markets and customer opportunities
  • Clearly define competitive advantages in products/services
  • Develop targeted strategies that align with growth objectives
  • Help you connect with customers via compelling branding and marketing outreach
  • Set realistic marketing/sales goals and implement tactics to achieve them
  • Determine marketing priorities and align with budget
  • Help track marketing results
  • Provide coaching in these areas to solidify your own efforts

Contact me when you need a way forward with marketing expertise you can’t afford to do without.

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