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What clients are saying about Terri's work. 


Strategic Focus Facilitation

I am a member of the Leadership Team for Greater Spokane Progress and Terri did an amazing job in leading the Strategic Planning process for this organizaiton.  She facilitated a two day retreat with GSP leadership and skillfully moved the group forward while honoring diverse perspectives in the process.  Greater Spokane Progress now has a tangible plan that can be used to build the revenue for the organization's future.

Kathleen Thamm, Exeuctive Director, Community-Minded Enterprises

With the patience of a saint, Terri Krohn came into our office to help us become more efficient and productive.  With her guidance, we discovered how to refocus our energies and to clearly identify what makes our company unique.  With that understanding, we are now equipped to provide long-term strategies to our clients while sustaining an attainable 3-year growth plan.  Terri got us here.  She came to our office sessions well prepared, had a direction for discussion, and made our time together productive.  She easily shared her knowledge and kept us focused.  What a wonderful experience.  I've already told many business owners about Terri, and I look forward to continuing to do so.

Laura Bracken, Principal, Design Spike

Columbia Surgical Specialists had the privilege of using Terri Krohn to facilitate our annual strategic planning retreat. Terri did a good job helping us identify the key challenges and opportuntiies our company currently faces.  As a result of her work, we have clearly defined goals and projects for the upcoming year which will allow us to grow and improve as a company.

Rod Emerson, CEO, Columbia Surgical Specialists

Strategic Business Plans

Terri Krohn helped the Spokane Low Income Housing Comnsortium successfully achieve a new Strategic Plan that includes four core strategies: member engagement, building capacity, advocating for affordable housing and convening partnerships/resources. She provided tools that are helping us to expand the capacity of our organization. These include the creation of strong committees and the development of action initiative plans to carry out the core strategies. We expect to be a stronger organization because of Terri's guidance.

Cindy Algeo, Executive Director, Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium

Terri never ceases to amaze me. She is able to step in, help evaluate growth possibilities, and make recommendations to strengthen my processes and staff. She is always available and present, and her insights are always on target. I highly recommend Terri as a chief strategist and business development consultant. Try her out!

Laura Bracken, Principal, Design Spike

We had a great experience working with Terri! She quickly understood what we were about, what we needed to accomplish, and led us through a focused process to get there. As the only staff person, she kept me on track, and provided valuable guidance as we developed our plan. Our team was impressed that at the very end of a day long retreat Terri helped us develop a mission statement that we love! I highly recommend her.

Anne Martin, Director, Greater Spokane Progress

Our partners and team members feel more confident in our future as a result of the strategic planning we did under Terri's invaluable guidance. She did a great job of identifying our firm's strengths and weaknesses, effectively helping us formulate a plan that reflects the challenges we face while capitalizing on our strengths.

Mark Newbold, CEBS & Principal/Employee Beneftis Advisor, Moloney + O'Neill Benefits

My partners and I hired Terri to assist us with business objectives.  She helped us write a strategic plan for the firm and is one of the only people that has ever been able to keep my partiners and I on task and engaged.  It was an extremely valuable process to go through.  I would recommend Terri to assist anyone that needs direction in their firm or corporation.

Marcus Jackson, Principal/Employee Benefits  Advisor, Moloney + O'Neill Benefits

Customer Focus Groups

Terri implemented a series of interviews to gather feedback from community partners, and did an amazing job distilling a huge amount of information into a readable summary that informed our planning.

Anne Martin, Director, Greater Spokane Progress

Moloney + O'Neill belongs to a think tank made up of eight brokerage firms in five states.  We launched our first ever customer focus group project in the summer of 2013.  The trust level needed for multiple companies to invite their best clients to a focus group to tell us what we are doing right and wrong was nerve wracking to say the least!  To do such a thing without a trusted partner to facilitate could have been suicide.

Who did we trust for such an event?  Terri Krohn.  What a great decision!  Terri did an outstanding job of gaining our client's trust and allowing for a free flow of ideas and honest feedback.  After a day of leading and listening, she then was able to take all the feedback and report it back to us in very manageable pieces with clear and actionable points of emphasis.

We could not be happier with the result.  We are taking this valuable information and using it to revolutionize our client service platform.

Mark Patrick, Managing Partner, Moloney + O'Neill Benefits

Terri put a very creative workshop together for a consortium of employee benefit firms.  We asked some of our top clients to participate in a roundtable/focus group event.  Terri's facilitation was perfect.  The clients were happy with the event and felt they got value out of the day.  The results we got have been very helpful as we endeavor to better understand how to best serve our clients.

Jennifer Bundy-Cobb,Employee Benefits Advisor, The Wilson Agency

Accountability Partnering

Terri is a masterful task manager who places high priority on providing agreed upon deliverables within time line commitments.  She brings high energy and enthusiasm to her work and works very well within all levels of the organization, from the CEO and Board of Directors, to senior management to administrative staff and front line workers.  She has been instrumental in helping me as the Executive Director, articulate and communicate the vision, values and goals of the orgranization.

Jayne Auld, Executive Director, Spokane Housing Ventures

Terri's help was invaluable during my business start-up, but it is her role as as an accountability partner that has made the most difference in the long run.  It is very easy to become focused on the day-to-day details of work and lose sight of the forest in the midst of all those trees! Knowing that I would be discussing my progress towards long-term strategic goals with another person who is knowledgeable about my business and vested in my success helped to keep me on track.

Lynn Turner, Owner, Intech-Resources, LLC

Strategic Marketing on Call

Terri helped me go from broad business goals to clear action steps.  She was persistant in getting me to articulate what that action looked like and how it would be measured.  As a result, I have a better plan and sales are up 14% over each of the past three years.

Rob Allen, CEO, RangeMaster Shoulder Therapy

Terri has been a trusted and valued advisor to our management team as we recharged our marketing plan.  She guided us forward with strong advice and accountability.  Her participation in our planning meetings were full of enthusiastic and energizing discussion. I highly recommend Terri for Stratetic Marketing on Call.

Nancy Nelson, CEO, Humanix

Professional Recommendations

Terri is a knowledgeable marketing professional with years of experience in strategic planning, plan execution and research analysis.  She is highly organized and skilled in providing strategic direction.  She has both the analytical and the intuitive skills essential to deliver the strategic guidance critical for a positive return on resources expended.

Dayne Hanna, Owner, Hanna & Associates, Inc.

If strategic market planning were an Olympic Sport, Terri would be a Gold Medalist.  She has an understanding of strategic market planning unlike anyone I have ever worked with.  She is professional and articulate.  Her work is in a league all by itself.

Gary Fievez, Certified Management Consultant, Matrix Group 360

Terri is a well informed and thought provoking speaker.  I enjoyed hearing her insights into the changes that are driving the marketplace, and her strategies for dealing with those changes.

Kevin Sell, Owner, Heiskell MacGillivray & Associates, PS

If your business is looking for a well-rounded, detailed consultant with whom to contract for implementing a highly effective employee survey tool, I highly recomment contacting Ms. Krohn at Terri Krohn Consulting.

Clark Brekke, President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest

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